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Fire safety compliance is often an afterthought in the design process leading to unexpected and prohibitive costs, and design restrictions.

Carrying out building alterations requires an assessment of how your school complies with the Building Code and Ministry of Education guidelines as they relate to fire.

By engaging us to carry out an existing school building report, we can provide an overview of your current systems and identify any gaps that will need to be addressed as part of future works. That means a better understanding of the true cost of your project.

Our existing building reports can be used for future developments without the need to start all over again every time. And they may be used to support a gap analysis rather than a full fire report every time, making the consent process easier and cheaper.

We’ve worked with over 100 schools throughout the South Island.

So speak to us and start planning for your schools future.


In 2020 the team at Greymouth High School engaged us to complete a fire report for their main classroom blocks. This was the first of a number of proposed alterations planned for the school. Each alteration would require a separate building consents and a new fire report.

We put forward a proposal to complete an existing building report for the whole school. This gave an overall view of any improvements to fire safety systems and the means of escape required to comply with future building consents.

Having this insight prior to the design stage of each phase gave the project team a better understanding of potential costs. The architect was aware of any design limitations early in the process.

The report will make future building consents easier to prepare and will save time and money on further site visits and detailed reviews.

“Greymouth High School had a mess of different reports, assuming we were able to find them.  By consolidating things to this one report has made our life simpler in dealing with Council over the multiple property projects we have on the go.  The report helps the school to clearly understand what we need to consider for future projects and we value having Grant on the end of the phone to talk through any implications relating to fire.  Grant was really easy to have on the school site, he was considerate and unobtrusive.

– Raewyn Knight, Greymouth High School

“Following several projects where we came up against road blocks during the consent process, Fire Safety Solutions’ whole of site school fire and accessibility reports have been invaluable in saving time and resources.  FSS are reliable, easy to communicate with and provide a no-nonsense professional service.

– Jon Marshall, Nobel Property Management


With the information we gather as part of the existing building report we can create an evacuation scheme specifically for your school.  We’ll design the scheme, achieve FENZ approval and carry out an initial training session with teaching staff.  We’ll also provide on-going management of the scheme.

An effective evacuation scheme provides peace of mind that staff and students will escape the building safely, and ensures a quick response that will help limit any fire damage to the school.

We believe it’s critical that the systems in place at the school are understood by all building occupiers and that information is quickly passed to Fire and Emergency staff on arrival.

Give us a call to discuss the services we provide in relation to Fire and Emergency New Zealand approved evacuation schemes.